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Working Together | Browns Canyon Neighbors Keep Roads Open

2 years ago

After the Winter of 2007-2008 when we all got snowed in, the neighbors got together and bought a snowblower from the Salt Lake City Airport. Drifts on our road were higher than our truck and we needed something tough. We called our new vehicle "Goldman Sachs" because it was "too tough to fail." 

After that, though, we never had as bad a winter. It turned out only one neighbor was skilled enough to operate it. So my husband Zafod and I bought our neighbors out - someday it will become a Burning Man Art Car.

Since then, our conglomerate of collaborating neighbors have individually operate: a backhoe, a smaller but still big snowblower, a road grader, a truck with plow, a Kubota, and a well-heated snow mover lovingly called "The Wheelchair" because it's so cushy. We take turns operating them, chip in on off-road fuel manage to keep the road open. 

We have 1.5 miles of road, a 400 foot vertical and no HOA. We just work together, and have a holiday party and summer BBQ every year. This is a Brown's Canyon neighborhood where the zoning is one house per 40 acres. We must rely on each other!


Lola B., Browns Canyon Resident

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