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High Star Ranch and Dejoria Center - Elevating Mountain Life!

2 years ago

If you’re a mountain biker or you just like to hike, the High Star Ranch Trail System is one of the most advanced in Summit County. The trail system is located on the 1,100-acre High Star Ranch, in Kamas, UT. The 12-mile trail system features 2600 feet of vertical climb, incredible views, and challenging terrain along with trails that anyone can ride. Bob Radke, trail designer and builder said, “It’s one of the most scenic and varied trails we have built...With its spectacular natural backdrop and diverse alpine terrain, it’s sure to be a blast for everyone from beginners to experts.” The typical riding season is mid-May through October but most of our trails are already open for the season. The trails are open seven days a week and admission is free and open to the public. 

While you’re visiting the trails, be sure to check out the amazing upcoming shows and concerts at DeJoria Center, including Skid Row (June 15th), Ziggy Marley (June 16th), and Clint Black (July 6th).

Learn more about the trails!

See the upcoming events at DeJoria Center!

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